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RARE Hella Style USA Headlight Covers BMW Taifun VW Scirocco grill e30 golf mk2

RARE Hella Style USA Headlight Covers BMW Taifun VW Scirocco grill e30 golf mk2

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The price is for the pair of covers!

These are the headlight covers for Hella 1KB 003 177-59 headlights with 301-121 760 lens. They may fit any car models with the same headlight size, such as BMW E30, VW Golf mk2 and others with Taifun, Votex or other grills. Some grills should be removed and than installed againg after putting on the covers.

To mount them to a headlight with metal trim the piece of the metal trim (the brim) should be grinded/removed (see photos below). To mount them - push the covers towards the headlight. The mounting process may require pressure.

Some headlight may need a bit of double adhesive tape, velcro, sealant or any fixture you like.

The covers are made from quality ABS plastic and have a vinyl (Oracal 641) sticker on top.

Please kindly note that it is not likely to use pressure washer with the covers on, because this may cause sticker separation. 

In case the sticker separated from the covers, kindly ask us for the download link with the design and you will be able to cut the new vinyl sticker with plotter at any lcoal typography or sticker shop.

Contact us for details! We can also ship you additional stickers upon your request!

Also note that the covers may not fit Chinese headlights, or other headlights except OEM ones.


Cover dimensions are 163mm x 103mm.

Photos of the scirocco mk2 USA headlights with the covers are below. The metal trims should be removed.

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